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HH001 epistolary hiccup "I Am A Cowboy" AA

HH002 epistolary hiccup "Attention Span Song" AA

HH003 epistolary hiccup "Oyster Cracker Mommy" AA

HH004 epistolary hiccup "Pushy Little Kids" AA

HH005 epistolary hiccup "Bob: The Album" AA

HH006 hail mary vacuum bottle "BAL" AA

HH007 epistolary hiccup "Greatest Hits" AA

HH008 hail mary vacuum bottle "My Little Hiccup" AA

HH009 lodicule "Wiggling Manhood" AA

HH010 headhat "Portrait of a Blown Mind" AA

HH011 zee poo-dyba "Poetical Formula" AA

HH012 headhat "Oh No! The Krem!" AA

HH013 lodicule "Extra Night Screenwriter" AA

HH014 zee poo-dyba "Magic Had Taken Place in the Night" AA

HH015 headhat "PF: TR: Zee Poo-Remix" AA

HH016 the lodicule "A Refined Taste, An Eloquent Prologue For Bipedal Elegance" AA

HH017 edward g. allington "Experiment #1 (1982)" AA

HH018 zee poo-dyba "ZC" AA

HH019 zee poo-dyba "ZC2: The Remix" AA

HH020 the evolution of humanity "Part A" AA

HH021 headhat "Head Hat So Profound" AA

HH022 it combs its hair "94043" AA

HH023 it combs its hair "47123" AA

HH024 zee poo-dyba "GO MOP 2" AA

HH025 lodicule "Steamy Kickboxer" AA

HH026 lodicule "Wiggling Manhood" CD

HH027 lodicule "Extra Night Screenwriter" CD

HH028 lodicule "Steamy Kickboxer" CD

HH029 zee poo-dyba "4Ba" AA

HH030 the lodicule "My Underwater Underwear: A Tribute to Zee Poo-Dyba" AA

HH031 d. poo-dyba "pf_02" CD

HH032 gothicize sabbatia "Nauseating Circus Ride" AA

HH033 adhesiveslipper "Oh My God, Look At My Head!" CD

HH034 fear of loss "Desperately Clinging, a Little Like Waiting" AA

HH035 headhat "Something's Wrong, Uncle Sam" AA

HH036 zee poo-dyba "Garage 2" AA

HH037 g312-2 "Socket for DATA and Voice" AA

HH038 xi p'u dib "Live in the Yurt with the Door Open" CD

HH039 fuzzlemush "The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Fuzzlemush" AA

HH040 the tunafish discrepancy "Demofish" CD

HH041 fear of loss "Bye Bye Birdie" AA

HH042 stomp "The Sound of Helen Keller Being Raped Forcefully" AA

HH043 the tunafish discrepancy "A Long Way From Home" AA

HH044 fear of loss "4/25/02" AA

HH045 l. keller/ m. nelson/ d. mcdermott "One and Two" AA

HH046 buttfucked grannies "Noises in the Stairwell" AA

HH047 adhesiveslipper "Guitar Bastards EP" CD

HH048 headhat "Oh No! The Krem! Part One!" CD

HH049 wettron "Hip Music for Electronic Love-Making" CD

HH050 cerebral waste products "Cerebral Waste Project" CD

HH051 it combs its hair "Lost Time" AA

HH052 headhat "Oh No! The Krem! Part Two!" CD

HH053 it combs its hair "Lost Time" CD

HH054 hail mary vacuum bottle "How Much Would You Pay For A Flea?" CD

HH055 skip the skinny busboy "Life and Times of Skip" CD

HH056 the tunafish discrepancy "The Immaculous EP!" CD

HH057 j.r.c. prugh "Symphony No. 1 / Concerti Grossi / Suites" CD

HH058 HH0 "Twang" CD

HH059 john's musical slaves "10/03/02" CD

HH060 mario's tears "Who Killed Mario Frangoo?" CD

HH061 noise reductions "Blizum Short Circuits On First Date Cassette Tape Single" AA

HH062 fear of loss "Halloween 2002" AA

HH063 EI001 "electronic improvisations vol. 1 adhesiveslipper vs. badd flava" AA

HH064 adhesiveslipper "sound1" CD

HH065 EI002 "electronic improvisations vol. 2 cerebral waste products vs. adhesiveslipper" AA

HH066 EI003 "electronic improvisations vol. 3 adhesiveslipper" AA

HH067 adhesiveslipper "Préréglez" CD

HH068 bughed tang "BugHed Tang" CD

HH069 various artists "Headhat Records Presents W****n P******s Greatest Hits" CD

HH070 adhesiveslipper "All Soapy EP" CD

HH071 adhesiveslipper "A Very Slippy Christmas" CD

HH072 the tunafish discrepancy "Goodbye to Those We Love No More" CD

HH073 adhesiveslipper "Hip to be Obscure" CD

HH074 noise reductions "The Ineffable Bradford" CD

HH075 jordan olivo "The Text" CD

HH076 adhesiveslipper "Another Notebook/Sampling My Friends/Loopcrap" CD

HH077 jordan olivo "Fitz" CD

HH078 the tunafish discrepancy "Animals Want Your Bloodjuice EP" CD


please allow 2 or 3 weeks for shipping. or something.