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so we've been very successful in the past few weeks with our new charity compilation HEADHAT FOR CATS (AND OTHER ANIMALS), which we co-released with the starving raptors organization (www.starvingraptors.com) to benefit the nhspca. it's been available on their bandcamp page for $5+ for the past two weeks, now we're releasing it for free here on headhat/webhat... though we'd still prefer if you'd go to the nhspca site and donate some money, or at least go to your favorite animal shelter and spend some money or time to help them out. you'll want this compilation, it is 4 hours of music, featuring everyone. ever. go get it.




big things in the doing. one minor hiccup: we lost all our backup files and mirror sites for webhat when the government shut down megaupload. until another reliable site is found... we hope that your downloads work. um.




as promised, there has been a lot of webhattery up in this thing. download it all, and then empty your bank account into our paypal account. yes. that is what you should do.




keep a sharp eye, headhat-lovers; we're going to try to release as many digital albums as we possibly can before 2011 rolls around. it's a reverse new-years resolution. also, be sure to "like" the headhat facebook page, because it's what cool people do.




some new releases from headhat/webhat v v v soon. oh yes.




okay, so it's only been four years... shut up! the site is getting some updates, the most exciting of which is WEBHAT: THE NETLABEL! that's right; watch as headhat records slowly lurches into the 21st century with a donation-based mp3 label! but yeah... we're probably gonna' keep selling tapes too. why the fuck not? stop judging me! GOD.




watch out for not one but TWO new headhat releases today! yippee! yes, i said yippee! what? so anyway, check out the tunafishdiscrepancy's new ep "animals want your bloodjuice", and a new release from jordan olivo titled "fitz" that he says is NOT an ep but a very short full-length. i SO told you we still release stuff. ----- also, in my last post i stated that some releases were lost for ever. well, ross and i spent some time digging through boxes in my parents' basement and lo and behold, we found a couple of them! look for these releases being re-released very soon.




holy crap! i finally finished the store page! it took like 2 years but it's done. now you must buy things. unfortunately, while working on the page i had to really take a good look and figure out what we lost when the computer went down, and it turns out we lost a few more things than i had previously realized. so a few more things have gone out of print. to anyone this affects... sorry! computers are stupid!




Headhat Records, now with messageboard action!




long time, no updates. multiple computers broke, things have been lost, software has been destroyed. attempting to rebuild.
also, we're on myspace now, which is fucking dorky.




olivupdate: sir jordan's album "the text" is now available through headhat records. go to the store and BUY IT. yes.




ladies and gentlemen we'd like you to welcome a new headhat cat to the fold (cat in the fold?): mr. jordan olivo, our very own hip-hop child prodigy and wearer of glasses. seriously, this kid can make beats better than your momma, and boy, can your momma make beets. what? download some of his tracks from the downloads page. no, not that page. also, look for his album "the text", previously self-released, on headhat real soon. pretty soon. also also, look out for noise reductions' new album "the ineffable bradford" fairly soon as well. fairly pretty.-----------the end.




the headhat store is finally partially open! we're only selling things through cafepress.com right now, but you're now able to order our newest releases and some slick tshirts and crap! someday soon we'll get the direct sale page up as well, then you will be able to order OUR ENTIRE BACK CATALOGUE! oh yes. we know you want every last one. check it out!




the first new headhat release in an awful long time is done! if you never thought that lo-fi industrial pop was possible, then check out the tunafish discrepancy's "goodbye to those we love no more" available now! check out our downloads page for 2 songs from the new album, and an old song that was recorded really badly too! or you can just go ahead and BUY THE ALBUM HERE from cafepress. trust me. you'll like it.




finally something new to report! the headhat has THREE new releases due in march/april from adhesiveslipper, tfd, and noise reductions. we're super-pumped about all three releases, it's gonna rock yr socks. there will be some changes to the site when i get off my skinny ass and make them. i know. i say that every time. merry christmas.




the current news is that headhat studios will soon be merging with badd productions. if all goes well this will result in increased productivity and creativity for all involved. the move will be occuring in early october. also, a new mantisrocket song's been added to the downloads page. check it out.




lots of cool stuff on its way. new releases from badd flava,
adhesiveslipper, and the tfd in the works, plus we're always
bugging our friends and coworkers to contribute to the headhat
catalogue. still considering maybe releasing a book or a video,
but we haven't yet. expect some changes to the site as we grow
bored with it. now's the time where i usually say something mean.
so, fuck you.




added a bunch of stuff to the downloads page. enjoy.




made some changes to the discography page.
see if you can find them. only a few more
days left to download the wilphip comp, so
get it whilst you can. i said NOW!!!!!!!!!




not a whole lot going on yet. still
trying to get all of the website together.
everyone's been pretty busy w/ other things,
but hopefully a finished website and some
new releases soon. don't forget to download
the w****n p******s compilation before it's gone.




it's alive! it's alive!!!
okay listen up kids,
we need to get a few things straight:
i don't like you and you don't like me.
so this is the new headhat site.
it's hosted on
Dreamhost now,
which is AWESOME. you should move
your site there too.
i bet y'all don't care anyway.
shut up.
i said shut up.




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yeah, so the first ever headhat compilation album, "HEADHAT RECORDS PRESENTS: W****n P******s Greatest Hits" is almost done. Just waiting on a couple more tracks, but don't worry, I'm buggin everyone to get them to me. Also, the new adhesivslipper album will be out soon. and the new hail mary vacuum bottle album hit a snag when we were given the cover art and it was fucking great, so now it warrants some sort of fancy packaging. hopefully the cover doesn't outweigh the music. thanks raven! so there really will be some new releases coming out soon. we promise. no, seriously. hey, fuck you. leave me alone.




okay, no updates in like forever. sorry. we've been doing other things, alright? jesus, just fucking deal with it. so anyways, new releases: bughed tang's debut ep is out now! he's like, a real musician who's been in real bands and stuff. so you should listen to him. there's a new adhesiveslipper album coming out... soon. also, an adhesiveslipper outtakes record coming out... soon. go to the OFFICIAL ADSLIP WEBSITE for more info on that shit. a new hail mary vacuum bottle album that's just waiting for cover art and will be out... soon. and ross is working on lots of new cerebral waste products that he'll release soon if you're nice to him. paul's been recording even more bughed tang stuff, between work and his daughter, so we may someday see a full album come from that. we've currently lost contact with jrc prugh, we hope for his sake that he finally got his militia together and is currently taking over france by force. the greasy watsons promise they'll actually do something once the weather is warm. the first, as yet untitled headhat compilation disc will come out someday i promise.and zee poo-dyba's still dead. so there you have it, the first-ever REAL headhat records update. now shut the fuck up. 1011010110101100111010100100101101000100100100100100100100111010101




why do we do this; this music?




check out the Official Adhesiveslipper Website.

it's not done yet but i'm working on it.




made a headhat tshirt that noone will buy.

look for it on the cafepress page in the

"headhat store". also, updated the

discography to reflect the new "electronic

improvisations" line. these will not

be released on cd. i don't care, fuck you.

it's some of the best stuff we've done in a

while and it's on tape and you'll just have

to deal with that. will someone out there

please buy something? we haven't sold

anything in two years now, and before that

the only things we sold were to an 11-year-old.

i get so sad sometimes.




it's less scary. still messed up.

new badd flava website. go look.

not everyone makes bad decisions.




the world is

a really scary place.




new release by adhesiveslipper in preparation.

new single by noise reductions available.

new album by noise reductions available from

mp3.com, but don't tell anyone i told you.








a few little updates.

some day we'll sell something.




been doing some recruiting

been doing some recording

been doing some producing

been doing some updating

been doing lots of driving


maybe my new year's resolution will be to cut down on the cursing.

until then fuck you.




the meeting went horribly.

most of us left crying, angry,

or on a stretcher. this could

well be the end of headhat

records forever. never again.






only two noteworthy things today. one is that esteemed composer j.r.c. prugh

has finished his first symphony (also, his own line of underwear), which may be

listened to at the j.r.c. prugh downloads page. a headhat-produced cd will be

available shortly. the second item of interest is that it seems as though we

are going to start having weekly meetings of the headhat records "staff". this

may result in productivity and new ideas, or may result in us sitting around

watching movies. we don't know yet. the meetings will take place thursday

evenings at the most convenient location of that week. no, you can't come. fucker.




i made updates, but i

don't wanna talk about it.




"a headhat store? here, take my life savings!"

yeah, the ordering system is shitty right now.

so what, you fucker! i'll make something better

when i have the time, okay? now leave me alone.


you stupid asshole.




the elite(ist?) ranks of headhat records have been recently joined by the

prestigious j.r.c. prugh, a multitalented composer/performer with red

hair. the headhat family salutes and welcomes it's new addition. in

other news, 'it combs its hair' has recorded another forgettable album.




made a few updates the last few weeks, didn't

mention them on this news page. you can find

the changes yourself, i'm sure. a couple new

artists have been signed to the headhat label,

check them out. they rock hard. party party.




tonight many things happened. there are now artist

pages for sextronika and endrostenedione, and there

are many links. also, i changed the 'catalogue' to

the 'discography' to avoid confusion. if (heaven forbid)

anyone should feel like actually buying one of the

listed recordings, one should contact me via email

at poof@headhat.net, or simply shake hands and say

'hi.' i'm working on setting up an ordering system,

but i don't have one yet. sorry. don't hit me again.




added some shit. figure

out what for yourself.




finally got the time to compile the entire headhat catalogue

into one list. didn't realize how much shit we've made. also

fixed up the artist pages that i made last night. my eyes my

eyes my eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes my




made a few really ugly artist pages.

i hate them. i will change them when

i'm not quite so tired. i sleep now.




headhat records website has finally been started.

stole luke's idea for minimalist website. fucker.

no artist pages yet, no catalogue either, both

will come some day. had some trouble compiling

artist list, please let me know if you've been

misrepresented. i killed the chicken, and ate it.